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We Need to Talk About Accelerationism

For a month from 21 April Furtherfield will host a jargon-busting conversation on NetBehaviour and neterarti to address ideas, potentials and tensions, bringing academic conversations to wider practice. As part of Art Data Money


What's Happening Now?

Welcome Daphne Dragona

Daphne joins Furtherfield as guest features editor for 3 months from April. Daphne is a curator and writer in Berlin and Athens, and curates the Co-Curricular program at Transmediale Festival, Berlin.


Furtherfield has launched a new social media for art, technology and social change based on the Free Software GNU social tool. Join to share and discuss.


On at Furtherfield Gallery...
Dimensioning - Live Architectures

New work by Chiara Passa. Interactive architectural installations using AR and VR. 2-17 April, 11am-5pm Sat-Sun. Also by appointment until 22 April.
Admission free

On now...
Spring Into Action

A permaculture design course using the Design 4 Action approach is currently running at Furtherfield Commons, delivered by Spiralseed. Participants are learning skills including systems thinking, community empowerment and ‘whole person’ health.


We Are Not Alone

Furtherfield is a partner for this exhibition at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre in Scunthorpe to 30 April. New artworks explore networked practice and internet enabled friendship. Download the pdf catalogue New submissions are invited - see guidance here

Libre Graphics Meeting 2016

Conference and showcase with a strong artistic focus for software developers and users of Free/Libre Open Source Software. 15-18 April 2016



The Art of Bots - Abandon Normal Devices

Marc Garrett chairs a panel at this event exploring bot behaviour and the creative and darker side of these computer programmes with Tatiana Bazzichelli (Disruption Network Lab) at Somerset House 15 Apr - 16 Apr 2016

Play Art Data Money

Bunnybots took over in an imagined future art world at London Art Fair when Furtherfield hosted drawing game jams and a new Play Art Data Money game in the Art Projects Screening Room.

Changing the Image of Finanace

The Photographers' Gallery hosted Furtherfield in a weekend micro-resendency for workshops, discussions and events with Brett Scott of The London School of Financial Arts.

Art and the Blockchain

Ruth Catlow's blog for Digital Catapult on how artists are working with blockchain and its importance


Latest Reviews, Interviews and Articles


Article 27: Algorithmic politics - By Eugenio Tisselli

Eugenio Tisselli shares his thoughts on global, financial dictatorship and Necrocapitalism, where politics itself is reduced to market related executables based on algorithms of finance.


Ordinaryism: An Alternative to Accelerationism. Part 3 - What Motivates the Accelerationist impulse? - By Robert Jackson

In this third article on Accelerationism, Jackson further investigates its philosophical roots and looks at skepticism, Enlightenment principles, and the freedom to Exit (inhuman acceleration) versus the freedom to find ones Voice (Ordinary appeal). He asks, whether it's time to reclaim the future with a return to Romantic philosophy in new ways?


Nam June Paik – Video Philosopher - By Lynn Hershman Leeson

Lynn Hershman Leeson interviews Nam June Paik. A historical interview between acknowledged pioneers of video and media arts. First published by Artweek, April 1980 Electronic Art and posted here on Furtherfield to celebrate the upcoming publication of Hershman Leeson's monograph, Civic Radar.


Speculating the Smart Metropolis in Hello, City! - By Chloe Stavrou

Hello, City! is a Live Cinema Performance of Where the City Can't See by Liam Young and Aneek Thapar. The performance was part of transmediale's 29th 2016, edition program. By Chloe Stavrou.


Behind Reality: A Conversation with Megan Prelinger - By Monty Cantsin

Inside the Machine (2015)--Megan Prelinger's latest work--is a book that traces a visual history of all manner of electronics from roughly the interwar era to the early space age...


The Personal & the Politics of Language: Digital Colonialism & Annie Abrahams’ (E)stranger - By GrettaLouw

Louw reviews the book "From estranger to e-stranger: Living in between languages" by Annie Abrahams and finds in it, both a significant history of networked performance art, and a sharp and poetic critique of language and everyday culture in the age of networks.



Transmediale 2016: Necessary Conversations Off-the-Cloud - By Marc Garrett

Marc Garrett writes about strategies for solidarity discussed in the Off-the-Cloud-Zone at this year's Conversation Pieces at Transmediale festival 2016.


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