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People’s Magna Carta



“Getting people to think about the future and what they want” … “a wonderful way to involve people in thinking about Lincoln’s future” … “people really got into the conversation and raised some great points”. Just some of the feedback from Furtherfield’s People’s Magna Carta commission at the recent Frequency Festival, exploring liberty via digital art street interventions, pop-up exhibitions and debates.
View images here.
View the Cybersalon campaign for a Digital Bill of Rights, discussed at the opening debate.



Art Data Money is building momentum. Join us as we explore and establish alternative models for art in the networked age. Last chance to see: The Human Face of Cryptoeconomies open 11am-4pm Sat-Sun or by appointment to 22 Nov. See images and video of the opening.

Upcoming workshops

Building the Activist Bloomberg to Demystify High Finance: Lab with The London School of Financial Arts, 21-22 Nov, booking essential.
Ground Truth: ‘The Migrant Machine’ with Dani Admiss and Cecilia Wee, 28 Nov


Rob Myer’s Shareable Readymade - reduced rate for bitcoin purchases.

Coming soon

Register your interest in DAOWO - a revolutionary new Decentralised Autonomous Organization for the arts.


Watch the video of the Museum of Contemporary Commodities: Free Market Day


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RWX (Read/ Write/ eXecute) a three-day worksession and public talks programme by LOCALHOST, explored the politics of artistic tool use through the context of the 'filesystem’. Edinburgh, 29-31 October

MONEYLAB#2: ECONOMIES OF DISSENT, will be featuring Facecoin by Rob Myers. This lab considers the development and production of an impressive amount of financial counter-concepts, tools, platforms, works of art, digital currencies, and payment services giving shape to an emerging economy of dissent. 3-4 December, Amsterdam

STUNTS, Disruption Network Lab A conference event focused on the concept of political stunts as an artistic and activist practice means to generate criticism. Berlin. December 12, 2015.

Data Bodies Symposium as part of Waterman’s Digital Performance Weekender and Being Human festival of the humanities Marc Garrett will discuss 'Art and Data from the Ground up' London, Saturday 14 November


Latest Reviews, Interviews and Articles


Value in the Digital Age: In Conversation with Émilie Brout & Maxime Marion - By Nicole Sansone

Nicole Sansone reviews Brout and Marion’s artworks featured in the ‘The Human Face of Cryptoeconomies’ exhibition, and talks with them about their work and ideas around value and objects—or more precisely, how objects are inscribed (and sometimes not) into an idea of what is valuable.


Choose Your Muse Interview: Stanza - By Marc Garrett

Marc Garrett interviews media artist Stanza and asks what inspires him, personally, artistically and culturally. He's an internationally recognised artist who has exhibited worldwide since 1984, and shown over 50 exhibitions globally, and is an expert in arts and technology, CCTV, online networks, touch screens, environmental sensors, and interaction.


Situating the Digital Commons - A conversation between Ruth Catlow and Tim Waterman

The negotiation of the commons takes place in two distinct realms that are increasingly reaching into and shaping one another: the long history of the landscape commons both in cities and in the countryside, and across digital networks. In this conversation Ruth Catlow and Tim Waterman discuss the ‘Reading the Commons’ project together with Furtherfield’s work on understanding the commons.


Plantoid: the blockchain-based art that makes itself - By Rob Myers

Rob Myers reviews Okhaos' "Plantoid" (2015), art that makes itself - with a little help from the blockchain and human artists.


Know Your Filesystem (and how it affects you) - By Dave Young

Dave Young writes about the context of Localhost: RWX, a symposium and worksession at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop from 29-31 October 2015. He explores how the filesystem mediates our everyday use of computer interfaces, shaping our interactions with our data and digital tools.


Does the blockchain lead to more transparency? - By Annette Doms

The blockchain grants the author the exclusive right to reproduce, publish, and sell the content and its intellectual property. How does the art scene react to these new technological developments? To find out more, Annette Doms asks Alain Servais (collector), Wolf Lieser (gallerist) and Aram Bartholl (artist).


Crypto 2.0 and DAWCs - By Rob Myers

The Anarcho-Capitalist future utopia of post-Bitcoin Crypto 2.0 systems meet the historical organizational forms of Socialism. Rob Myers brings the trustless code of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations into contrast with the very human activity of Workers' Councils.


Set of rules, online interactions and feminism: Interview with Angela Washko - By Filippo Lorenzin

Filippo Lorenzin interviews artist Angela Washko about her performances within the virtual space of World of Warcraft, the connections with situationism and feminism.


The Bitcoin Blockchain discussion in digital art - By Annette Doms

Even if digital art is still in its infancy, it flourishes while essentially remaining unevaluated and the public approaches it with a degree of curiosity. New art forms in the immaterial digital domain demand a general rethink in terms of their conservation, presentation and acquisition.


Body Drift: Butler, Hayles and Haraway - By Marc Garrett

Body Drift by Arthur Kroker, takes the work of three leading women thinkers as its main focus. Re-examining their critical perspectives and creative processes - assemblages, remixing and cyborgs- Kroker terms the emerging technological spectre. He examines the connections between what he sees as Judith Butler’s postmodernism, Katherine Hayles’s posthumanism, and Donna Haraway’s companionism.


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