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The Museum of Contemporary Commodities accepted chicken bones as a commodity for dogs, people took home a cassette recording of their personal data as an artwork. See images of these and other exchanges from the Free Market weekend here.



Sky gardens prosper & drones drop food for masses ... CCTV becomes sentient … grannies turn bad if they can’t buy a cuppa. Many diverse people took part in Play Finsbury Park Futures last weekend. See the drawings and ideas shared via #Finsburyparkfutures on Twitter.


#wescanfinsburypark workshops

Finsbury Park visitors used hacked office scanners and use it to scan the park instead! Inspired by Nathaniel Stern’s Rippling Images of Finsbury Park. You can hear Nathaniel discuss his work on Milwaukee Public Radio.


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Latest Reviews, Interviews and Articles


Robert Hewison’s Future Tense 25 Years Later - By Marc Garrett

Marc Garrett revisits Robert Hewison’s book, Future Tense: A New Art For The Nineties, published 25 years ago, and looks at how postmodernism and neoliberalism have impacted the emancipatory spirit of art culture.


#TransActing: A Market of Values - an interview with Marsha Bradfield - By Charlotte Webb

Charlotte Webb interviews Marsha Bradfield about #Transacting – a pop-up market made up of over 60 stall holders invited to creatively explore and produce alternative economies of value. They discuss free labour, ‘value’ vs ‘values’ and the aesthetics of participation.


Choose Your Muse Interview: Lynn Hershman Leeson - By Marc Garrett

Marc Garrett interviews Lynn Hershman Leeson, over the last three decades, artist and filmmaker has been internationally acclaimed for her pioneering use of new technologies, her investigations of issues now recognized as key to the working of our society.


Science Fiction Realism - By Erik Zepka

Erik Zepka considers the interface of science fiction ideas and experiential realism in contemporary internet cultural practice as part of art production shifts towards online networks of makers. A consideration of that content could provide hints of what ideas have become politically relevant to the digital commons.


Dead Reckoning – Ellie Harrison and The Art of Austerity - By Gordon Dalton

Gordon Dalton reviews High Street Casualties: Ellie Harrison's Zombie Walk, in collaboration with Ort Gallery. Highlighting the 'creative destructive' forces of capitalism on Birmingham's busy shopping streets.


Headed out of Beta/Picking Your Superpower - By Patrick Lichty

Patrick Lichty visits this year's Augmented World Expo to find out whether the increasingly immersive technologies of Augmented and Virtual Reality will give us superpowers or lock us in to the whims of our technological overlords.


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