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"digital work in a park full of nature – it’s like an installation within an installation"

LAST CHANCE TO SEE Beyond the Interface - London. See what some of our 1500 visitors of all ages and backgrounds have said and done so far here.


Museum of Contemporary Commodities

Presenting the things we buy today as the heritage of tomorrow. Please join us on our journey by browsing and adding to the collection, attending an event, or becoming a researcher here.


Art, Technology, Human Existence

Co-curated by Furtherfield, 2015’s CLICK Festival featured Virginia Barratt, Francesca da Rimini, Cory Doctorow, Shu Lea Cheang, Jennifer Lyn Morone™ Inc, Angela Oguntala, Dr. Richard Stallman, Stelarc, Jacob Wamberg and Lu Yang. Read more about the themes explored here.


LABS - join us

MoCC: Free Market Day

17-19 July 2015, 11AM – 4PM, Furtherfield Gallery, Finsbury Park & Surrounds
Leave your money at home and use your personal data to buy, sell or barter for a delicious range of commodities and experiences at the MoCC Free Market. Entrance is free on production of a MoCC loyalty card, available on arrival.

Symposium: Designing Digital Creative Commons for the Performing Arts

Saturday 27 June 2015, 1-4PM at Furtherfield Commons
An event to discuss issues and opportunities in designing digital tools for communication, artistic collaboration, sharing and co-creation between artists, and between artists and actively involved creative audiences.

Scan the Park workshops

Workshops for people of all ages to hack a scanner and create images for a collective portrait of Finsbury Park. Based on the Nathaniel Stern commission on display at Furtherfield Gallery.

A Sound Tunnel in the Park

Hazar Emre Tez is creating a sound tunnel between Finsbury Gate and Furtherfield Gallery as an experiment in sonic way-finding. Please contact to take part in an event to help us select the sounds for the tunnel and gather emotional responses to sound sources.


DEBATE - with partners

Drones: Eyes From A Distance, the first Disruption Network Lab

A programme of debates, presentations, and workshops convened by Tatiana Bazzichelli questioning if drones are the ‘highly precise weapons’ some assume. Furtherfield's, Co-director Marc Garrett chaired a panel of experts working drones from different point of views: Tonje Hessen Schei, Jack Serle and Dave Young.

Furtherfield at Southbank Centre’s Web We Want Festival

Furtherfield curated WWW TV, as part of Beyond the Interface. Furtherfield’s Co-director Ruth Catlow joined the closing panel to recap and look towards the next 25 years of the Web.

DIWO Virtual Rehearsal Studio

This Furtherfield and Drake Music partnership seeks to bring musicians together in the digital field where accessibility is no longer a barrier. Through tools and softwares already available through the Web, musicians across the Internet are connected, enabling live group jamming. Read more here.

Play European Alternatives CREATE | REACT: Digital in Berlin

Ruth Catlow will use Play Your Place to explore how gaming might be used to engage communities and to close the gap between people and policy makers. Ruth will work with delegates to co-create new game levels that explore the impacts of emerging surveillance technologies on European border crossing.


Latest Reviews, Interviews and Articles


Massive Media: A Geology of Media book review - By J. R. Carpenter

J. R. Carpenter reviews Jussi Parikka’s 'A Geology of Media', the third, final part of his media ecology-trilogy that focuses beyond machines and technologies onto the chemistry and geological materials of media, from metals to dust.


Choose Your Muse Interview: Igor Štromajer - By Marc Garrett

Marc Garrett interviews Igor Štromajer aka Intima who has shown his media art work at more than a 130 exhibitions, festivals and biennials in 60 countries. We find out what has inspired him, personally, artistically and culturally.


Synthetic Selves: Mediated Body Art - By Erik Zepka

How do we represent ourselves and bodies in an environment that is increasingly saturated with mediation? Erik Zepka looks at the work of a series of artists practicing on the internet to get a idea of what those representations might look like, and why they might be important.


Choose Your Muse Interview: Mike Stubbs, Director of Fact in Liverpool, UK - By Marc Garrett

Marc Garrett interviews Mike Stubbs, director of FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) media arts centre, Liverpool, UK, and asks what has inspired him, personally, artistically and culturally.


Resolution Disputes: A Conversation Between Rosa Menkman and Daniel Rourke

In the lead-up to her solo show, institutions of Resolution Disputes [iRD], at Transfer Gallery, Brooklyn, Rourke caught up with Menkman to talk about what the show might become. They discussed a series of alternate resolutions and realities that exist parallel to our daily modes of perception.


Broke and Scared: The Home of the Future - By Ben Valentine

Ben Valentine contrasts the implications of his couchsurfing present with the precarious and monetized future of the ideal home in his review of Space Caviar's book of commissioned essays SQM: The Quantified Home.


Drones: Eyes From A Distance. An interview with Dave Young - By Marc Garrett

Marc Garrett interviews artist, musician and researcher Dave Young, the first of three panellists to be interviewed ahead of the upcoming Disruption Network Lab symposium in Berlin, 'Drones: Eyes From A Distance'about the personal and political impacts of the emerging drone culture.


Interview With Domenico Quaranta - By Daniel Rourke

Daniel Rourke talks to artist Domenico Quaranta about using Twitter hashtags as a nexus for distributed art happenings with their project "6PM Your Local Time" and how this fits into the history & future of digital art.


Cyberformance in the Third Space: A Conversation with Helen Varley Jamieson - By Randall Packer

Since 1999, pioneering cyberformance artist Helen Varley Jamieson has been exploring the Internet as a space for live performance and social engagement. We discuss the evolution of her work.


Body Anxiety: Woman As Bearer Of The Look - By Laura González

In a psychoanalytic review of the online exhibition Body Anxiety, curated by Leah Schrager and Jennifer Chan, Laura González explores fear, symptom, sublimation and the pleasure of looking in relation to the body of the artists shown.


Mainframe Experimentalism - By Rob Myers

Remembering the heroic age of arts computing is often a family affair in Hannah B Higgins and Douglas Kahn's book Mainframe Experimentalism, which leads Rob Myers to ask just how much the rest of us can come to love this neglected but key moment in art digital history.


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