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The Netartizens Project

A month of artistic collaboration, exhibition & debate to explore the role of the network in our individual and collective practices as artists, scholars, educators, and citizens of the Net. As part of the Art of the Network Practice | Online Symposium.


Sex and Security Workshops

7 & 22 March at Furtherfield Commons
A series of free workshops aimed at giving you a clearer idea of who's tracking you online and how to stay safer – with graphical demos, risk assessment and some simple skills and apps to protect your online privacy.


Open Call: Clear Spots at Furtherfield Gallery

Deadline for applications: 5pm 1 May
Seeking proposals that push the boundaries of art: exploring, challenging and critiquing everyday culture in the digital age.


Spring 2015 at Furtherfield in Finsbury Park

CLEAR SPOT: Torque #2: Reading Room

11-19 April 2015
A twisted archive of the mind, language and technology: two weekends of happenings and art related to the act of *reading*

Beyond the Interface, London

25 April - 21 June
10 international artists lift the veil on contemporary interfaces, setting out alternative – often disruptive – visions for the future.

CLEAR SPOT: Young_Fraud Fest

28 March
#Young_Fraud is a 'contra contest' to influence politicians and protest drastic cuts to public art funding. See the Spanish award-winners, eat Fraud Tapas and hear live Balearic Electronica

The Museum of Contemporary Commodities

April - July 2015
A residency & exhibition examining locally sold products and the relationships between data surveillance, trade justice and retail spaces.


Latest Reviews, Interviews and Articles


Mechanisms of Exclusion: “We Are All Faceless Mobs Now, Dawg” - By Mez Breeze

Mez Breeze examines the inner workings of our contemporary internet rage machine to identify its social and psychological causes.


It's a Man's Man's Man's World - Review: Sonic Acts day 1 - By Nathan Jones

A review of the first day of the Sonic Acts festival which featured some of the most prominent men in philosophy, electronic music and sound art today.


Tapestries? - Patrick Lichty Interviewed by Tilman Baumgärtel - By Tilman Baumgärtel

Tilman Baumgärtel catches up with media artist and provocateur Patrick Lichty at Transmediale to ask him why, after decades in activist media art, he has turned to weaving tapestries.


Dark Days with Ellie Harrison - By Caren Gilbert

Caren Gilbert shares the experience of trying to find consensus on how we should approach life after the apocalypse in the pop-up community of Ellie Harrison's "Dark Days" sleep-over at Glasgow's Gallery of Modern Art.


Painting with Data: A Conversation with Lev Manovich - By Randall Packer

While big data has infiltrated our everyday lives, Lev Manovich and his collaborators have explored the data of everyday life as a window on social transformation. We discuss his latest work: The Exceptional and the Everyday: 144 Hours in Kiev.


Digital Iconoclasm: Antonio Roberts interviewed - By Nathan Jones

Glitch artist Antonio Roberts talks about his credentials, where the field of glitch art is going, and his latest work using error and atrophy to engage in dialogues about ownership and copyright.


Art For Algorithms - By Rob Myers

Myers takes a look at how we can subvert the operation of the algorithms that the Digital Humanities, corporations and governments use to read, see, and draw conclusions about human expression by treating them as the true audience for contemporary art and literature.


Glitch Expectations: A Conversation with jonCates - By Randall Packer

Randall Packer interviews jonCates about his unique synthesis of language and media, his critique of technology, and how glitch, in all of its multifarious manifestations, has powered his work, functioning as a force for uniting artists, students, and communities in collective activity.


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