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Play the Web We Want – see the drawings, play the games

Move unseen through a forest of watching eyes ... watch out for those Terms & Conditions… Multifarious drawings were created at the Southbank Centre during a 2 day game jam at the Web We Want Festival. Read more here and play the resulting games here


Liz Sterry at Hayward Gallery, until 8 Feb 2015

First exhibited in Being Social at Furtherfield Gallery, then toured nationally for DIGITAL ZOO - Life from the world wild web, Kay’s Blog by Liz Sterry is at the Hayward Gallery as part of End User. See full details here


What's Happening in Networked Culture?

CAPTURE ALL, Transmediale, Berlin 28 January 2015

Exploring the quantification of life, work and play and its limits, Furtherfield’s Ruth Catlow & Marc Garrett will interview McKenzie Wark during his keynote. View full details here

We are Electrified! London Art Fair talk, 22 January 2015

Join Ruth Catlow, Lindsay Taylor and Steve Fletcher to discuss creating, commissioning, exhibiting and collecting art in the Network Age. View full details here

Diaspora Debut Album Release by The Ethernet Orchestra

This new release features real-time network improvisations across continents by musicians from diverse cultures. Revisit the audiovisual VisitorsStudio performances here. The project is directed by Roger Mills, editor of Furthernoise 2009-11.

6 PM YOUR LOCAL TIME - the UK beta test

Furtherfield hosted the launch event with Domenico Quaranta and Fabio Paris from Link Art Center. A networked, distributed, one night contemporary art event, which takes place simultaneously in different locations.


Latest Reviews, Interviews and Articles


Syndrome 3.0: The Post-Human Gospel - By Niki Russell

Niki Russell reviews Syndrome 3.0: The Post-Human Gospel at 24 Kitchen Street - a night of performances, by artists whose entangled relation to technology seeks to posit new forms of identity and spirituality.


Visions of a techno-leviathan: The politics of the Bitcoin blockchain - By Brett Scott

Brett Scott examines the politics of the Bitcoin Blockchain and whether there will be a place for equality and democracy, as the power systems already in place begin to reshape new digital economies according to their own intentions.


The Performance of Infrastructure - By Robert Jackson

Robert Jackson reviews Nathaniel Stern's Interactive Art and Embodiment: The Implicit Body as Performance (2013): a critical framework that argues for the importance of embodiment in digital interactive art together with a constitutive philosophy of relationality, movement, materiality and process.


(Conceptual) Art, Cryptocurrency and Beyond - By Rob Myers

Rob Myers brings together the history of conceptual art and the future of Bitcoin-style blockchain technology for what would have been a panel presentation at The White Building for V&A Digital Futures: Money No Object.


What I choose it to mean: an interview with Andrea Judit Tiringer - By Michael Szpakowski

Michael Szpakowski counters critic James Elkin's demolition of Flickr as a legitimate space for art, and reveals its capacity to inspire and support new kinds of practice and appreciation via his interview with Hungarian artist, Andrea Judit Tiringer.


Wrong Ways Prevail. A Conversation with Nick Briz, Paul Hertz, and Jon Satrom - By Randall Packer

An interview with three artists from the Chicago glitch community about the recent Glitch Art exhibition glitChicago, discussing their funky (as in Chicago blues), punk-inspired disruptions and hacked creations.


Data as Culture - By Daniel Rourke

What happens when society is governed by a regime of data about data, increasingly divorced from the symbolic? Daniel Rourke reviews works commissioned by Shiri Shalmy by artists Paolo Cirio and James Bridle, that deal explicitly with the concatenation of data.


Recommended Reads

Class Wargames: ludic subversion against spectacular capitalism

Richard Barbrook presents a jubilant manifesto for ludic art and revolution. Having hosted many excellent Class Wargame events we invite you to read his book and attend this forthcoming event.

CyPosium - The Book

Arising from an online conference held last year, this book comprises a fascinating collection of artefacts and conversations exploring cyberperformance. Read more and download the book here.

Fun and Software: Exploring Pleasure, Paradox and Pain in Computing

Olga Goriunova tells the untold story of fun as fundamental to the culture and aesthetics of computing. Book details can be found here.

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