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Welcome to Furtherfield’s last newsletter for 2016. It has been quite a year. Let's not go into details. Instead, we offer what we do best. Counteracting nihilism by ‘doing, supporting and sharing’ a progressive culture; promoting dynamic, artistic and technological citizenship with more and more diverse people. We need each other more than ever now - collaborate and build something real that we can all be proud of together. Enjoy the holidays and see you in 2017!

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In 2017 we will renew our website. Current activities will come to the fore with links to rich archive content. This will help newbees and enthusiasts alike to navigate 20 years of art antics on the Internet. We will contact you next year for your input - in the meantime if you would like to support this initiative please donate.


Superdiversity: Picturing Finsbury Park

A collaboration between artist/researcher Katherine Stansfeld (Royal Holloway Centre for the GeoHumanities) and local people in London’s Finsbury Park, this exhibition re-socialises ‘the map’ through an engaged practice of cultural cartography.


What's Happening Now?

Monsters of the Machine: Frankenstein in the 21st Century

This group exhibition curated by Furtherfield's very own, Marc Garrett, is on until May 2018 at LABboral, Spain and is proving to be one of their most popular shows. Featuring Cristina Busto Alvarez, Mary Flanagan, Carla Gannis, Genetic Moo, Shu Lea Cheang, Regina De Miguel, Guido Segni and Thomson & Craighead, the exhibition addresses issues including the anthropocene, gender politics, surveillance, posthumanism and accelerationism. LABoral is also working with Furtherfield to tour the show around the world.

Seeds From Elsewhere

Artists Helen Walker & Harun Morrison’s social practice They Are Here are currently in residence at Furtherfield. SEEDS FROM ELSEWHERE invites young refugees and migrants to grow edible produce, plants and flowers from their homelands, creating an urban garden in Finsbury Park.



Blockchain LARP at Moneylab #3, Amsterdam

Ruth Catlow (Furtherfield) and Ben Vickers (Serpentine Galleries and unMonastery) have devised and run a Live Action Role Play in which participants adopt fictional characters to act out the dramas and understand the processes of creating machine-based organisations and apps on the blockchain. Read about the project here

Artists Re:thinking the Blockchain

Exploring how experimental modes of publishing and distribution might be inspired by, illustrate, incorporate and exploit Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, this research with Sam Skinner (MMU & Torque), was carried out with support from The Exchange, Collaborative Research Award. It informs 2017 exhibitions and publications including a new illustrated fiction by Rob Myers & Lina Theodorou.

Outlandish seeks developers

Our neighbours Outlandish are a tech co-op seeking developers with a passion for technology - do you know anyone that might be interested? “We deeply understand the value of bringing together a team with different perspectives and life experiences and seek people from under-represented backgrounds to join us ” if you are interested please get in touch with them directly.


Latest Reviews, Interviews and Articles


Data Asymmetries // Part 1: An Interview with Burak Arikan - By Carleigh

How does network mapping exist as a tool for visualizing a politics of control as well as routes of emancipation from surveillance? In the first of a two-part interview series, artist/technologist Burak Arikan addresses this question in the context of his work on network mapping and diagramming the invisible forces of power that shape our contemporary moment.


Data Asymmetries // Part 2 : An Interview with Jussi Parikka - By Carleigh

In the second of this two-part interview we focus on Burak Arikan's recent exhibition Data Asymmetries, at Winchester School of Art. Carleigh Morgan speaks to the exhibition's curator, new media theorist Jussi Parikka, on the affordances of networks and their uses in Arikan's artworks.


The Spectacle of Failure in Drone Warfare - By Dave Young

Dave Young writes on the politics of the drone crash in response to the artist collective IOCOSE and their sculptural work Drone Memorial.


Disrupting knowledge: The Seven Heads of Ignorance - By Pedro Marum

Pedro Marum reviews IGNORANCE: The Power of Non-Knowledge, an event of Disruption Network Lab in Berlin, which discusses ways and strategies to explore, unveil and unmake ignorance and its political, legal and social uses in everyday life.


Dreams Rewired Screening at Watermans, London - By Samantha Penn

The 2015 film Dreams Rewired (dirs. Manu Luksch, Martin Reinhardt, Thomas Tode) screened at Watermans, London on Nov 13th. By comparing historic and current responses to new media, the film makes links between time periods and spaces. This review takes snippets from the film as starting points to introduce some of its main themes.


Harun Farocki - Empathy at Fundació Antoni Tàpies - By Chloe Stavrou

Two years after Harun Farocki's death, a project-retrospective collaboration of his work was undertaken, with its first part at The Institut Valencià d'Art Modern (IVAM) named ‘What is at Stake’, and more recently the second-part titled ‘Empathy’ at the Fundació Antoni Tàpies focusing on an analysis of labour within the framework of capitalist demands. The exhibition ran from the 2nd of June until the 16th of October 2016.


Reshaping Spectatorship, Clearing the Cloud: Theory, Meet Artist - By Jess Williams

Edwina Bartlem’s article Reshaping Spectatorship: Immersive and Distributed Aesthetics proposes that immersive artwork practices have transformative potential. In this interview, her proposition is leveraged as a frame and axis of dialogue with Australian artist Rachel Feery to discuss her multi-sensory immersive work, Clearing the Cloud.


Backdoored: An interview with Nye Thompson - By Millicent Hawk

Louw reviews the book "From estranger to e-stranger: Living in between languages" by Annie Abrahams and finds in it, both a significant history of networked performance art, and a sharp and poetic critique of language and everyday culture in the age of networks.



A review of William Kentridge’s ‘Thick Time’ written in words of but one syllable - By Michael Szpakowski

A review of William Kentridge’s ‘Thick Time’ at the Whitechapel Gallery, London, written in words of but one syllable. By Michael Szpakowski.


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