Manpowertop a workshop by Network Diagnostics

Manpowertop a workshop by Network Diagnostics

LOCATION Furtherfield Commons - Finsbury Gate
Finsbury Park, London N4 2DE, UK

Saturday 10 June 2 - 5 pm


Part of the NEW WORLD ORDER exhibition at Furtherfield Gallery

As demonstrated by the works in the NEW WORLD ORDER exhibition at Furtherfield Gallery, blockchain technologies and cultures display a remarkable capacity to embody the interests of diametrically opposed political ideologies. Manpowertop looks more widely at the subject of Silicon Valley companies and how their promotional media envisions "the future" of their technology's role in society.

Manpowertop is a workshop that takes these questions as a starting point, challenging participants to diagnose the power relations in these branded visions of the future. Participants will adopt “troubleshooting” as a critical framework for enquiry, and produce diagrammatic readings of these speculative technologies, the networks they interlink with, and their associated politics of usership. In doing so, we will collectively identify what is left out of these visions, and explore how these omissions might offer an insight into the power relations that exist between users and technological platforms in the present. 



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