Geohumanities Exhibition Tour and Seminar: The Multiplicity of Place


Geohumanities Exhibition Tour and Seminar: The Multiplicity of Place


LOCATION Furtherfield Gallery - McKenzie Pavilion
Finsbury Park, London N16 0LQ, UK

Wednesday 22 February 2 - 4 pm


Furtherfield presents 'Place is increasingly theorised as elusive, multiple, a constellation of trajectories' (Massey, 2005). Hosted by Furtherfield in Finsbury Park, N4, this event will combine a short pre-circulated reading with an Exhibition Tour by RHUL PhD student Katherine Stansfeld and Furtherfield co-director Ruth Catlow in order to open up a wider discussion of the multiplicity of place.

This event is a part of the programme surrounding Superdiversity: Picturing Finsbury Park

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